Sunday, November 13, 2011

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails are eye-catching and unique, so of course I had to try it out! Here is a step by step tutorial of how I got this look:

Step 1: Start with a base coat. I always use Essie's growth formula, which actually works very well and dries almost instantly.

Step 2: Apply one coat of dark blue polish, I used Essie's Aruba Blue. Remember to let each coat dry before the next is applied.

Step 3: For step 3, you must paint each nail at a time. Once the first layer of blue is completely dry, apply one more thin layer of dark blue. Then use a tiny bit of black polish at the base of your nail, and light shimmery blue polish on the upper part of the nail. Then comes the blending, use a clear top coat that you don't mind using for mixing colors. Paint over the nail using the brush to blend the colors. Apply one final top coat after blending to smooth out the top layer of nail polish.

Step 4: Add a few small rhinestones at the base of your nail where the color is darkest. If you apply gems to the tips of you nails, they tend to fall off quicker, so keep this in mind. You can use shimmery silver nail polish the make it look very sparkly!

Nailpolish (clockwise from top left):

Essie - Grow Faster
Forever21 - Silver Glitter
Joe Fresh - Jet
Forever21 - Light Shimmery Blue
Essie - Aruba Blue

Friday, November 11, 2011

On My Xmas List...

Imogen Belfield Cubes of Gold Ring $430 

Wendy Mink Gold Druzy Ring $185

Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Ring $580

I LOVE these sexy rings! I was just browsing around online and found these gorgeous statement pieces! Xmas is just around the corner! Maybe Santa will leave me something sweet in my stocking! <3

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