Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Half Moon Nailpolish

JOE Nailpolish in Ballet Slipper, Jet, and Base and Top Coat

FLARE Magazine Spring Manicure and Pedicure Special

The half moon manicure is a fresh take on the classic french manicure. Those of you looking for an easy and new way to wear polish, this is the way to do it! I really like the contrast between light pink and black, it really makes your tips stand out and the colors are subtle enough to match with most outfits. I used JOE nailpolish in Ballet Slipper, Jet, and finished it off with a clear top coat. 

To get this look, start off by applying two thin coats of the lighter shade, and wait until completely dry. Then use french manicure stickers to create an even curve at the base of your nail. Paint on one layer of black polish, and wait for it to dry before you peel off the manicure stickers. Finish with a clear top coat, but try to paint the tips of your nails first where the pink color is, and then the base of the nail where the black shade is, to prevent the colors from blending into one another. Et Voila! You have yourself a professional looking manicure that you can recreate over and over at home!

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